Causer S.A. is a company founded in 1989, dedicated to the design, production, selling and distribution of rubber compounds.


Offer our customers, through a constant investment in technological updating and professional training, products that meet the highest quality standards, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of all their needs and demands.


Become the leading company in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of rubber mixes and other raw materials for the region.



We conceive a management strategy based on continuous investment and stimulation of interaction, effort and contribution of all our areas towards the achievement of results.


We are committed day by day in the evolution of our processes to guarantee to our customers unique products according to their requirements.


We hold a long-term vision that drives us to look for innovative ways of competitiveness, accepting challenges by optimizing our resources.


We maintain an active commitment with our customers developing products tailored to each of their needs, respecting their needs in a timely manner.


Importer and Distributor of raw materials for the rubber and plastics industry.

Products, services and light mechanical for vehicles. Commercialization of tires, rims and related products.

Production and commercialization of products for the tire renewal industry, to supply freight and transport vehicles.

Production and marketing of extra virgin olive oil and related products, from cultivation to the end product.